Voltage Japan Sale PSA

Real life’s still eating all my reviewing time, but I did want to give y’all a heads-up.

This weekend Voltage Japan has discounted main routes, sequel routes, epilogues, and special stories for eighteen routes.

It’s a little overwhelming, quite frankly, but what surprised and pleased me the most is ALL the “Another Story” and “His POV” routes are only $0.99 in the US iOS store.  These routes rarely go on sale, and I’ve never seen them this inexpensive.

The In Your Arms Tonight Another Story routes are just as long as the main stories and some of them are really well done.  Many of the different His POV for different apps really add to the story too so I’d go ahead and give them a try as well.  Check out my review archive if you want more particulars.  🙂

My Forged Wedding’s Akito Main Route Impressions and Review – Slight Spoilers

Basic Premise: The main character and an old childhood friend pretend to be a couple in order to dodge family pressures.

I’ve always been slightly creeped out by the prologue of My Forged Wedding. “Hey, you don’t have any job prospects or anywhere to turn so go live with this random guy and help him” sounds like a prelude to human trafficking, not a cute romance. Yeah, I know that’s not how the routes go. It doesn’t make the initial first impression any less unsettling.

Therefore when I read that in this route the MC had refused to move in with a stranger, was interviewing for different positions, and had known her male lead for years I thought the uneven power dynamic would be gone and I could simply enjoy watching the two get to know each other.

Nope. Instead:

  • Akito: “If I tell HR that you ran off, you wouldn’t get hired…if you don’t want that, just follow along.”
  • MC: “Aki, are you threatening me?”
  • Akito: “Yeah.”
  • MC: “Seriously?” I was screaming my head off at Aki in my mind.
  • Me: You and me both, sister.

Akito uses his position at the company where the MC interviewed to blackmail her into living with him so his parents will stop nagging him to move back home and marry a local girl. He doesn’t ask, doesn’t express sheepishness or regret, and doesn’t offer to help with the MC’s job situation until the very end of the route.

Why would anyone do this?

It’s clear the author is going for a “oh, they missed their first opportunity to be together, but they fit so well together, and now they have a second chance” … but having Akito be remorselessly manipulative and, frankly, mean-spirited in many of his comments made me wish the MC would tell him exactly how horrible he was behaving, where he should go, and what he should do to himself when he got there.

And the sad thing is this route has some really nice moments. Akito’s mom’s talking with the MC, the siblings’ skepticism and commentary, the MC and Akito’s returning to the brewery, and all the scenes involving Ren have a surprising amount of delicacy. I kept hoping the next scene would be Akito’s apologizing and rectifying the situation, but no. Sweet moments soured by overarching jerkiness.

And so I can’t really recommend it to anyone. Dangit, Voltage.

Voltage’s My Forged Wedding is available on iOS and Android.

My Forged Wedding’s Kunihiko Review and Impressions – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character and her leading man fake a marriage for business interests. (I really have a talent for making this section dry every time, don’t I?)


  • The MC and Kunihiko have comfortable, friendly banter.
  • The awkward phase between friends and lovers was well-paced. It didn’t drag or gallop by.
  • Since the MC has been working at Kunhiko’s bar rather than immediately being shipped off to live with a complete stranger, it doesn’t feel creepy. The “you do need a job, right, now do as I tell you with a strange man” introduction in the other routes gave me the heebie-jeebies.
  • The MC and Kunihiko can choose to be friends rather than a couple.


  • The main antagonist is a soap-opera villain. She’s ridiculous and over-the-top and says horrible things without other people standing up to her appropriately. That paired with such a believable relationship between Kunihiko and the MC gave me serious genre whiplash.
  • Why does the MC keep referring to Kunihio as “Uncle” when they are not related? It’s off-putting.

Overall: Recommended if you don’t mind a mustache-twirling villain. This MC is my favorite of the My Forged Wedding routes.

Voltage’s My Forged Wedding is available on iOS and Android.