My Forged Wedding’s Kunihiko Review and Impressions – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character and her leading man fake a marriage for business interests. (I really have a talent for making this section dry every time, don’t I?)


  • The MC and Kunihiko have comfortable, friendly banter.
  • The awkward phase between friends and lovers was well-paced. It didn’t drag or gallop by.
  • Since the MC has been working at Kunhiko’s bar rather than immediately being shipped off to live with a complete stranger, it doesn’t feel creepy. The “you do need a job, right, now do as I tell you with a strange man” introduction in the other routes gave me the heebie-jeebies.
  • The MC and Kunihiko can choose to be friends rather than a couple.


  • The main antagonist is a soap-opera villain. She’s ridiculous and over-the-top and says horrible things without other people standing up to her appropriately. That paired with such a believable relationship between Kunihiko and the MC gave me serious genre whiplash.
  • Why does the MC keep referring to Kunihio as “Uncle” when they are not related? It’s off-putting.

Overall: Recommended if you don’t mind a mustache-twirling villain. This MC is my favorite of the My Forged Wedding routes.

Voltage’s My Forged Wedding is available on iOS and Android.

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