Neighbourhood Necromancer Impressions

Neighbourhood Necromancer Picture

Basic Premise: In Neighbourhood Necromancer you play teenager both blessed and cursed with the ability to control the undead.


  • Many of the choices are somewhat random and quite funny.
  • Even before I read the author’s biography, I could tell Inglis taught. It comes through in lines such as this: “School. Long days in hot rooms with dazzling sunlight, large windows and no blinds; rammed together with a bunch of no-hope thickers whose finest moments in life will be the torments they inflict on the smarter kids here.”
  • The editing is superb.
  • The trivia game asks different questions on different play-throughs.


  • You need a particular sense of humor. I found the flippancy and irreverence hilarious, but I know some of my friends would not enjoy it. Try the free sample and gauge for yourself.

Choice of Games’ Neighbourhood Necromancer is available on iOS, Andriod, Kindle, and Google Chrome.

Impressions based on a provided beta code.

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