Speakeasy Tonight Elliot Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Well.  That was different.

  • *Elliot buys the MC several expensive outfits in the first chapter*
  • Me: “Oh, goodie! Will he buy me a pony too?”
  • *Elliot takes the MC horseback riding five screens later*
  • Me: “I WAS KIDDING, GAME! Get your Be My Princess out of Speakeasy Tonight, please!”

I had already read all the other Speakeasy Tonight‘s main and POV routes before I tried Elliot’s. (For those curious, my impressions on those stories can be found here.)  Elliot himself never appealed, but many stories on my replay list are there because of the main character and dialog are great even if the guy’s boring.

It turns out Elliot’s okay; the main character is the problem.  This MC is my least favorite of the bunch. She improves in the second half, but she frustrated me so much that I shut down the game several times. In all the other routes the MC starts working at the Ice Box right away, takes an interest in her employees, and shows concern for her family. She may not be the most competent or the brightest, but she’s trying.

Not this girl. Elliot entices her with dresses and bedroom eyes like a parent shaking keys for an infant the very few times she shows any interest in the job, and she immediately drops whatever she was saying because SHINY. Ugh.

Eventually she decides to help (and becomes much more tolerable), but her lack of evolution or self-reflection made this feel more like inconsistency than character growth. I see how it could work. It just doesn’t. The same goes for her reactions to Elliot’s revelations. I see what was intended, but she’s not consistent and I’m left asking “why is it bothering you NOW?” rather than experiencing a cute moment.

Okay. After all that griping about the MC, I still liked some things about the route. The plot never felt padded, and the central mystery ties together some background characters nicely. The story itself is more interesting than, say, Julius’ main plot.

Bottom Line: Not a favorite.  If you’re picking a first route, I recommend Vince, Donovan, or Neil instead.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

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