Scarlet Fate – A Pleasant Surprise

I just lost more than six hours to the Scarlet Fate app.  Y’all, I still feel pretty shocked.

  • This pseudo-historical otome game has an active, competent protagonist.
  • Inhabiting a fairly fleshed-out fantasy world.
  • In which the plot, not romance fluff, dominates the story.
  • With competent localization.
  • With an option to skip the free-to-play, wait-a-day obnoxiousness and simply buy a complete story.
  • In the Shall We Date series.

I’d written off the entire company quite a while ago.  NTT Solmare is like a slacker student who finally makes an effort for a class assignment.  Keep porting games from competent writers, guys.

Scarlet Fate is not perfect.  Some words are misspelled.  The themes of sin and guilt smack the reader over the head in nearly every chapter.  No secondary female characters appear – at least in the route I chose.  Yet I’m still so pleased to see them trying.

—Updated as of October 7, 2014—

Akifusa’s Route Review: not recommended

Gentoka’s Route Review (the only one I had played when first posting this): squandered potential

Kodonomae’s Route Review: recommended with a couple caveats

Kuso-no-mikoto’s Route Review: highly recommended

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.  If you are much more patient than I, you can also play the free iOS and Android versions.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Fate – A Pleasant Surprise

    • I’m currently working through his route in the free-to-play version. I do plan on giving a full review eventually, but it may be a while ’till I reach the end. It hasn’t clicked with me enough to go buy it. Have you enjoyed any of the other routes?

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