Quick and Dirty App Impressions and Reviews

We’re still slogging through the viral aftermath at my house. On the positive side, being forced to rest meant much more time to play apps. Here are the latest.

Shall We Date?: The Niflheim+

  • Solmare actually found decent writers and translators again.
  • The MC’s an airhead, but it works. The writing feels like a goofy opera.
  • I love the talking skeleton.

Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate+ Furutsugu Route

  • There are not enough eye-rolls in the world for this guy. I’ll finish so I can do a proper review, but…yeesh.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Mamoru Route

  • The opening movie and prolog still makes me want to flip over every table in the house so I waited and bought the route on sale. Then if the recommended route was bad I wouldn’t feel completely gross.
  • The plot’s interesting, the characters have a good dynamic, and it’s funny.
  • Okay. Voltage really needs to start putting trigger warnings. Creepy cultists threatening MC could mess with certain readers.
  • The MC’s nicer than I am. I would have taken off way sooner that she does. XD

Finally, in Love Again Prolog

  • This MC and premise feels too much like Voltage pandering to a certain demographic. “Look at this old (34 is old apparently) chick who has forgotten how to wear a dress. And worries about her weight and wears shapewear (even though she’s very slender in the opening movie). Heck, it’s so important to our story that we’ll make it a plot point! Also, she isn’t appreciated at her job. Do YOU every feel unappreciated at your job?”
  • Okay, Voltage, if you’re trying to make this a self-insert, you’re doing a really crummy job. First, I’m married, not even 30, wear a size 2, and am happy with my position so…good one, guys. Second, if I were a slightly older, single, larger woman…who wants to be thwacked by those issues as though they are insecurities to be overcome? Give me fun characters, dammit, not a set-up that’s basically this. *shudders*
  • Ranting aside, I like the MC’s responses at the event. More of the “I am a grown-up, let’s act like actual people” please.

True Love Sweet Lies Sakuya Route

  • From the prolog: This MC is awesome.  I hope she stays the same in future routes.
  • In the route: Talk about disjointed. A few scenes are funny or sweet, but there’s no flow or attempt to tie things into an overarching mood.
  • The goat’s weirding me out.
  • All I can remember is the goat and that the MC actually has eyes in one of the CGs. The characters left so little of an impression that I had to look up everyone’s names less than twelve hours later.

Enchanted in the Moonlight Chikage Route

  • From the prolog: The MC has all the initiative and personality of a baked potato.
  • Wait, this is rated 12+?  Needs to be bumped up.
  • Wow. Voltage finally wrote a young child that didn’t make me want to thwack my head into the wall.
  • Yay! The MC gets a personality in the story proper. Her direct chattiness and willingness to involve herself with others contrasted with Chikage’s detachment had me grinning the entire time. This one’s likely going on the replay list.

Proper reviews incoming.


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