Speakeasy Tonight Elliot Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Well.  That was different.

  • *Elliot buys the MC several expensive outfits in the first chapter*
  • Me: “Oh, goodie! Will he buy me a pony too?”
  • *Elliot takes the MC horseback riding five screens later*
  • Me: “I WAS KIDDING, GAME! Get your Be My Princess out of Speakeasy Tonight, please!”

I had already read all the other Speakeasy Tonight‘s main and POV routes before I tried Elliot’s. (For those curious, my impressions on those stories can be found here.)  Elliot himself never appealed, but many stories on my replay list are there because of the main character and dialog are great even if the guy’s boring.

It turns out Elliot’s okay; the main character is the problem.  This MC is my least favorite of the bunch. She improves in the second half, but she frustrated me so much that I shut down the game several times. In all the other routes the MC starts working at the Ice Box right away, takes an interest in her employees, and shows concern for her family. She may not be the most competent or the brightest, but she’s trying.

Not this girl. Elliot entices her with dresses and bedroom eyes like a parent shaking keys for an infant the very few times she shows any interest in the job, and she immediately drops whatever she was saying because SHINY. Ugh.

Eventually she decides to help (and becomes much more tolerable), but her lack of evolution or self-reflection made this feel more like inconsistency than character growth. I see how it could work. It just doesn’t. The same goes for her reactions to Elliot’s revelations. I see what was intended, but she’s not consistent and I’m left asking “why is it bothering you NOW?” rather than experiencing a cute moment.

Okay. After all that griping about the MC, I still liked some things about the route. The plot never felt padded, and the central mystery ties together some background characters nicely. The story itself is more interesting than, say, Julius’ main plot.

Bottom Line: Not a favorite.  If you’re picking a first route, I recommend Vince, Donovan, or Neil instead.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight Neil POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have played Neil’s main route (detailed review found here) and makes no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.


  • Shakespeare quotes are everywhere. I may have played through it twice in twenty-four hours to find all the quotes.
  • Neil’s tangent on Sherlock made me laugh because it’s accurate.  I’m improving, but I’ve certainly gone off on an author or historical event and then realized the other person’s shell-shocked.
  • Having an unwelcome ghost accompany Neil allows him to preserve his stand-offish attitude from the main route and explores his history without it becoming a straight info-dump. That it’s a common device Shakespeare employed is also a bonus.
  • Alton, the ghost, spends most of his time needling Neil. I was disappointed when he stopped appearing. Come back, Alton!
  • The flashbacks featuring Lillie, Neil’s former fiance, are done well. They are brief and show how much WWI affected Neil and his generation without smacking me about the head. It’s also a whole lot more believable than the “I’ve never loved anyone before you” nonsense some other routes try to sell.
  • Lillie has her own distinctive sprite.
  • The POV route gives context as to why Neil shares his past with the MC at specific moments.
  • The MC matches the main route’s – focused and smart but not a know-it-all. Her mentioning that she picked up the Shakespeare quote from her father is a nice touch. Even if her family’s more old-fashioned than she is, they aren’t dismissed as uneducated.


  • The music does not change. Having Broody relate his nightmares or snog a girl while upbeat music plays kills the mood. Mute before loading.
  • Half the time she appears onscreen, the MC wears an unfortunate startled face.

Wait-a-Minute Moments

  • Lillie’s parents and Neil’s younger sister are mentioned, but his parents are not addressed at all. Wouldn’t they feel something about their engagement or the break up?

Overall: Highly recommended. I loved Neil’s main route for the MC. I like this one for Neil himself.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight Cliff POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have already played Cliff’s main route and makes no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.


  • The scenes in which Cliff covers up the murders are interesting. His detachment and resignation work there.
  • The one thing that really bothered me in Cliff’s main route is omitted here.


  • How Cliff describes his past and personality does not click with his main route. His inability to feel and process ANY emotions before the MC arrived had me trying to figure out exactly what kind of disorder he would be diagnosed with today – or if he’s simply a robot. This coupled with his careful mimicry of how others act in order to lie to them made me think of a serial killer. Was all this in his backstory before his main route? Because I never got that vibe before playing his POV. Y’all are creeping me out, Voltage.
  • Either you buy all the different metaphors for how Cliff sees the world or you don’t. I don’t. Every time he got started, I’d sigh and start tapping more quickly.
  • I wanted more time with secondary characters and less “MC is the greatest” daydreaming. The scene with Andrew is nice, but I was expecting something with Cleo since she features fairly prominently in the main route.

Overall: Not recommended.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight Vince POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have already played Vince’s main route (review found here) and makes no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.


  • Vince’s voice fits perfectly with the main route. His personality and know-how dealing with the MC is just plain fun.

  • In the original route, a couple of the chapters felt padded by the MC’s relationship waffling. Here the shorter length and Vince’s perspective make it more snappy.

  • The MC’s arrival outfit is suitably appalling.

  • Editing is spot-on.


  • The MC’s surprised face still looks like a fish.

  • Voltage Entertainment USA doesn’t illustrate guns well. The Tommy Guns throw pistol shadows. Worse still, Vince holds the Colt at the bottom of the grip. Between two fingers. Angled towards his best friend. *headdesk*

  • Admittedly a YMMV aspect, but it seemed like every physical encounter from the main route was detailed again. About the third time, I was wishing for more time spent interacting with secondary characters instead.

Wait-a-Minute Moments

  • In other routes, the MC is the middle of three sisters. In this one, she’s the eldest of two.  She is now the middle of three once again.

  • What’s the book on Vince’s nightstand? I dearly hope it’s something like Don Quixote or Principles of Philosophy.

Favorite Quotes

  • Vince: “C’mon, doll…it’s dinner! Ain’t like I’m expecting more than I already got.”

  • Vince: “What says ‘I love ya’ more than a nickel-plated revolver and a box of shells?”

  • Me: Word.

  • Vince: It was a stall an’ he knew it. I knew he knew an’ he knew I knew he knew. We was a very knowledgeable pair.

Overall: Recommended.  It’s funny and sweet without being saccharine.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight: Donovan POV and Julius POV Impressions and Review

If you’re looking for a review on Speakeasy Tonight’s main story routes, here you go.  This review assumes you have read Donovan’s and Julius’ main stories and makes no attempt to keep those stories unspoiled.

The release announcement for Donovan and Julius POV routes caught me by surprise. Has Voltage USA done POV routes before? The original Voltage brand’s POV routes usually leave me disappointed, and I was skeptical of these.

But they’re good. Really good. The advertising blurb mentions “finding out what he does when not with you,” and it delivers. New characters are introduced, more time is spent with secondary characters, and the background mystery plot from the main route is explored more fully. And, with the exception of the “surprised” face, the MC’s different sprites are lovely. The programming and editing are spot-on as well.

Donovan POV Route

Donovan comes across as the same grade-A jerk he seems in the main route – possibly worse. He’s not softened at all; he’s hard, bitter, manipulative, and focused on his goals at all times.

And that’s why I love this route. The writer doesn’t try to soften his character or give him some past tragedy he constantly revisits to make him more sympathetic. Donovan’s a rough character in a rough setting, and it feels much less like a fairy tale than some of the other routes.

Favorite Moments

  • “Most folk manage to do their jobs without bein’ pricks about it.” – Donovan

  • Liam looked like he wanted to say something, then scratched his head and changed the subject.

  • The package from Gerry to Donovan is priceless.

  • “Hell’s bells, she’s like a lamprey!” – Donovan

Julius POV Route

I enjoyed this route for the interactions with secondary characters like Connie, Larry, and Gerry, but it won’t change anyone’s perception of Julius. The relationship waffling on Julius’ part is just as present in this story as the main route. If that drove you up the wall in the original route, skip this one.

Favorite Moments

  • “Vincent Moretti, are you and I having a moment?” – Julius

  • “Add more emotion into it, will you? I don’t think the room is depressed enough.” – Neil

  • “I know, I know…you told me so. Why don’t y’all just form a nice line…” – Julius

I’m looking forward to Vince’s and Cliff’s POV stories. We get Neil’s after those, right?

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight’s Neil Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

If you’re looking for a general opinion on Speakeasy Tonight, here you go.  This review focuses solely on Neil’s story. It may sound scattered because at the moment I’m spaced out on cold medicine.


  • The main character is the sharpest I’ve found in the past year. She knows how to handle people and business while still feeling like a twenty-something.

  • Thomas Joyner (the author) obviously knows his Bible references and philosophy. I grinned throughout the Plato discussion as the MC held her own and called him on his bull.

  • Joyner’s dialogue is funny. Some of the conversations sound like a screwball comedy; the temperance meetings in particular made me laugh.

  • The MC treats Neil as a person, not a project. I loathe stories where an individual has to be “fixed” by someone else. *cough* Kyosuke *unconvincing cough* Neil is both a doctor and a war veteran, but that’s not ALL he is.

  • The mystery plot kept me intrigued.


  • A couple of “wait-a-minute” moments. In the prologue, the MC tells Uncle Charlie and others that she graduated from secretarial school. One minute into Neil’s route he asks if she graduated, and she says “no.” In front of the same group. And no one calls her on it. Neil also manages to be 30 on the character screen and then 32 in his storyFixed in the most recent patch.

  • The story’s best ending has Neil much chattier about his past and the MC than in the regular ending. It didn’t break my suspension of disbelief, but the regular ending felt more in line with his behavior from the previous chapters.

Overall: Recommended.  The main character alone makes it worth trying.

Voltage’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

Speakeasy Tonight Review and Impressions

First, the comments that apply to all the routes in Speakeasy Tonight:

  • has a great historical setting
  • has authentic slang
  • has an art style that doesn’t make me want to gouge out my eyes
  • has adorable secondary characters – Uncle Charlie and Cleo are great
  • has a lot more smut than I was expecting. Frankly, I want a toggle that lets me skip the physical encounters. I already know how sex works, and reading about it is boring. Get back to the plot please.  At least there’s a fast-forward option…

Now, for the individual routes:

Neil: Review found here

Donovan POV: Review found here

Julius POV: Review found here

Vince POV: Review found here

Cliff POV: Review found here

Neil POV: Review found here

Elliot: Review found here

Vince: Open, fun, reckless, and deeply caring. I like him and how active the MC is in the plot. The story itself has a couple of knocks against it though. The “will X admit their feelings” thread felt really padded; I would have been happy to have it two chapters shorter to keep a better flow. Also, the author employs different metaphors for each of the many times the couple is sleeping together. By the third one, I was howling with laughter – not what was intended, I’m sure.

Donovan: Hard, calculating, protective. Again, I like him and enjoyed the MC and how involved she is in the story. The dialog can be over-the-top in spots – “You chew that scenery, MC” – but can also be moving.

Julius: Sweet, stubborn, artistic. The portrayal of interracial interactions is handled surprisingly delicately, and the scenes where he and the MC play duets are adorable. His story feels the most forced though, again like it was padded to get to the needed chapter count. It messed up the emotional arc for me.

Cliff: Considerate, kind, steadfast. He’s my favorite guy, but not my favorite route for one simple reason: The MC explicitly decides she doesn’t care WHAT he does as long as he’s kind to her. Not acceptable. Using that reasoning, she could see him light kittens on fire and slap kids all day long and still stay with him. And Cliff IS a moral guy; I don’t think he’d approve of that justification. The second time I played it I fast-forwarded through that section and pretended it didn’t exist.

Donovan and Cliff Epilogues: really short and felt more like advertisements for the sequels than a proper coda; not recommended.

All in all, a fun game. Elliot doesn’t appeal to me so don’t expect a review for his route, but I will check out Neil when his story is released.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.