Nachtigal Impressions: Interesting Vampires!?! – Spoiler Free


I’m really tired of vampires. I bored of them before Stephanie Meyer, and her works’ overexposure didn’t help.

So when someone recommended Cyanide Tea’s visual novel Nachtigal, I was hesitant. Could there really be anything new to say in the “woman-finds-out-vampire-secret-now-what” genre?

Fortunately, yes. Miranda, Nachtigal‘s heroine, is intelligent and funny without straying into author-self-insert-fantasy territory. Her naming the statues and repartee with the vampires made me laugh several times. The vampires too are interesting, striking a good balance between entertaining and menacing.

The visuals are beautiful. The characters looked believable and never gave me a “but that’s not how anatomy works” moment.

One caution: As funny as the game can be, it’s not for the easily disturbed. There are some happy endings, but others are dark. Really dark. They all felt believable and didn’t go against the tone of the earlier part of the game, but I thought you should be aware.

If you can handle that, then please go get this game. It’s pay-what-you-want so there’s nothing to lose.

Cyanide Tea’s Nachtigal is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.