Finally, in Love Again Kazuki POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have played Kazuki’s main route and will not attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.


  • The word choice and pacing are spot on. It seems like the same writer and translator who worked on Kazuki’s main route went on to this one.
  • Kazuki and the MC are the same almost painfully believable individuals.
  • Kazuki’s inner commentary and scenes with secondary characters slip seamlessly into the main route’s story. His conversations with Tae and his fiance, while brief, made me grin.


  • The MC has no sprite. It makes Kazuki look like he’s talking to his imaginary friend.

Everything Else

  • No choice moments appear, but that complete authorial control allows for a tighter story and relationship.
  • Does a married Japanese women typically wear a wedding ring on her right hand?

Bottom Line: Recommended.

Voltage’s Finally, in Love Again is available on iOS and Android.