In Which All Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoilers Are Fair Game

Seriously, if you have yet to finish…keep on going.


23 thoughts on “In Which All Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoilers Are Fair Game

  1. My first playthrough was so confusing!

    At first there is just so much you need to learn to play the game efficiently! All the power points you need to spend to open up map areas, the missions that show up after you talk to certain people.
    I didn’t even get a specialization on my first run, I couldn’t find the mats for the requisition!

    Did you run through difficulties on your run also? Did you play it on PC? I did and the UI and controls didn’t help much.

    I loved the story and the cliffhanger! The discussion of belief and faith is one I struggle with constantly. And I thought the writers did a great job in not giving easy, silly answers.

    Sooooooooooo, what do you think Solas did at the end? Did you cry too when you romanced him? Or I am the emotional player here? hahaha
    I thought Flemeth was doing something to the Eluvian when he got there. As in sending a piece of herself to the mirror. Maybe another phylactery?

    • Yeah, the first hint screen should be: LEAVE THE HINTERLANDS. When I hit that particularly high fade rift, I assumed I died because I was bad at the tactics. No. It’s just that much higher level. XD

      I played on the PS3 (one computer for one family made that decision fairly easy) and ran into three instances where the conversation wheel SHOULD have appeared but wouldn’t and the scenes would just STOP. I managed to skip my way through those scenes, but it was obnoxious. Did that happen on the PC too?

      The materials for a specialization are so spread out. I only got ones that didn’t fit my character so I never even bothered.

      The viewpoints presented on faith, religion, and truth were remarkably diverse and nuanced; all the advisers, Corypheus, party members, even the little background characters. My Lavellan had a very I-don’t-know-WHAT-to-believe attitude, and my Trevelyan steadfastly believed herself to be the Maker’s instrument – and they both felt very different.

      On the ending: Have you already seen the data-mined spoilers about Solas and Mythal/Flemeth’s relationship? The writers didn’t intend for it to become public so I don’t know if you want to hear it or not.

      On Solas: My earlier comment about his being a condescending porcupine still stands. His interactions with Varric particularly grind my gears. I adore him as a character though. I went into the game and romance completely unspoiled. The writing and voice acting are so good that I could tell that something is off in so many of his conversations. My favorite one is when he goes off after the Inquistor says they’ll work to improve Thedas. Me, talking to screen as usual, “This isn’t about her, is it, dear?” XD

      On the romance itself: It’s so carefully handled that I never felt manipulated or like one person was in charge or the pacing was off. At least with the choices I made, it reminds me most of a proper courtly love tale: two focused, honorable people acknowledging their responsibilities as more important than personal desires. And it’s so DALISH, for lack of a better word – something old and lovely that you’ve lost yet you still have to go on.


      Ahem. On a slightly less gushy note: What’s your opinion on Blackwall? His story didn’t quite work for me.

  2. Oh! And do you know if we can buy the tavern songs?! I need to listen to them in my car! It is not on the official soundtrack for some reason.

    • No, I haven’t been able to find the tavern songs either under the Dragon Age name OR under the artist’s name – which BAFFLES me. Why can’t I give y’all money for some of my favorite music from the game? I eventually found them all on youtube. Some kids learn all the words to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood tunes. Mine will know “Once We Were” by heart. XD

      • I can’t stop singing “I am the one”!

        So beautiful! It even sounds like it’s about Solas. There is the elvish version on Origins but I cannot find any translation online.

  3. Haha I was just about to post something on Blackwall! No, I reaaally disliked him! Did he tell you about hanging a dog also? I wanted the option to say WTF! And turn away! I never finish his side quests either.
    It could also be that the wardens part of the story is so gruesome I always take the path he hates. I don’t think I’m going to go through his romance either.

    And that wardens story! All that stuff about getting the blight on purpose went soooo completely wrong for them here! Did you exile them? I exiled them twice and conscript them once. When I did get them I sent them on missions and they basically all die off. Haha

    • I played Blackwall’s quest line through to the point where you can judge him in Skyhold because I was curious. First thing he does is start grousing about how I’M now a criminal and now everyone will know I’m corrupt blah blah blah. Me: “Dude, I don’t CARE what you think. You shut up and sit down in the NAUGHTY SEAT until I’m done talking.” And the game basically gives you that option: “Your opinion no longer matters.” Good on you, Chee. I may not be thrilled with the character progression, but at least you let me tell him off.

      What bothers me is I THINK the writers are trying to ask the player whether a person who changes deserves the chance to redeem himself, but I don’t think he changed that much. Blackwall was STILL running from danger, from responsibility, letting his remaining men be executed one by one, not seeing if he actually is worthy for the Wardens. And being incredibly judgmental about others along the way.

      So now that I’ve seen the end to his quest line…I have a feeling he’s going to be left in Val Royeaux’s prison every time (like my Hawkes always stab Anders). Wasn’t going to do his romance regardless – he looks too much like my dad.

      I exiled the Wardens in one, kept them in the other. There’s a big, gaping “so, Bioware, was that just that particular branch? And if so, why didn’t Weisshaupt tell Clarel to knock it off?” question before I pass judgment. DLC I assume. I hope they don’t botch it.

      The first time I saw the reveal ending, I assumed that Solas had taken what was left of Mythal. And that the writers are terrible teases. XD

      • Who did you romance in the second time?

        I’m romancing Iron Bull on my third and it’s too funny!

        I did enjoy Cullen, too. The addiction and specially if you are a Mage and go ask for the mages help, his arch is great. His personal quest with Samson is top notch!

  4. My second play-through, I paired my Trevelyan with Cullen. I was surprised how much I liked it – I didn’t care for him in the first two games. Feels like the cinematic designer was trolling the player though.

    Two people alone in office: “Can we talk in private?” “Sure.”
    Two people walk onto wall with people passing by in full view of the whole flippin’ castle. Yeah. Much more private. XD

    I would have rolled a male Qunari just for Cassandra (love her to pieces), but my husband had started a character with the intention of hooking up with her. “Yay!” thought I. “Now I can still see all the cute interactions and romance scenes.”

    He then abandoned the game and went back to Skyrim. *facepalm*

    So now I need to go through again. I wonder if Vivienne will try to boss a Qunari Inquisitor like she does Iron Bull…

  5. Haha! I do remember the part with the guards walking in the back.

    Cassandra is my bestie, too!! Love her, love her! Her quest for the smutty Varric book is the greatest! Her VActing is exceptional. Of all the VAs she’s my favorite followed closely by Cullen’s Greg Ellis.

    I can’t believe your husband like Skyrim better than DAI! I played Skyrim and it’s too open ended for me. I need the quests!

    • I don’t think that he likes it better; he just wasn’t up to learning a new system with a toddler hanging off him.

      Yup, I squealed when I saw Aveline is on Sword and Shields. Great quest with them both:)

  6. Did you ever let Celene die? I was going to try on this Qunari play through but a bunch of my soldiers die and then I have to fight her?? I gave up!

    • No…since until you get into the palace the goal is “stop Celene from dying” I have a hard time letting her be killed. Especially because Gaspard’s such a **** to my Dalish Inquisitor and Briala reminded me too much of Anders.

      • I played both. The João route felt very familiar. I’m Brazilian and I’ve lived 7 years right by Vegas! Then I moved to DC! Haha I crashed only once and that’s it. I’m playing on my iPad mini though, not my phone.

  7. They don’t have all the story out yet for either character. I enjoyed the story and the action. It’s less romantic the their other titles but I don’t mind. So far João’s route is slightly better than Emmet’s. I just wished I could have read through the end though.

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