Scarlet Fate Akifusa Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Comments that apply to all the routes in Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate

  • An active, competent main character tries to save her village and friends from supernatural disaster.
  • The plot, not cutesy romance fluff, dominates the story. Politics, divine beings, and war feature in all the routes.
  • The translation is competent, and the story flows. The point of view shifts are not always well-signaled though.
  • The word “sin” is used all the time and for situations that don’t quite fit. Once I started replacing the word “sin” with “guilt,” the story and themes made much more sense.

Comments for Akifusa’s route in particular


  • The MC and Akifusa are both excellent warriors who watch out for each other and lead the soldiers well.
  • The main plot has some surprisingly somber character moments and parallels.
  • Tomonori, one of the village leaders, is awesome. I wanted the option to ditch Akifusa and team up with him.


  • The same sentiments and memories are replayed at least half a dozen times each without any change or relationship growth. The route’s seventeen chapters long, and five of them could have been cut without losing anything.  SO. BORED.
  • The MC always seems to view Akifusa as a close friend or brother, never a potential lover. It’s weird.

Bottom Line: The bones of a good story dragged down by padding and lack of relationship growth.  :-/  Try another route instead.

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.