In Your Arms Tonight Ginnosuke Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character works on a foreign project with Ginnosuke.


  • The editing and translation are well-done.

  • The final CG is sweet.


  • The plot line feels jumbled.

  • None of the characters act intelligently, consistently, or believably.

  • Many plot conveniences are utilized.

  • There’s less variety in the choices than usual.

  • Where’s the cat?


  • *Mr. Ebihara walked off to the international departure gate*
  • Me: Take me with you, Kippei!
  • Saleswoman: “This was made in France at the end of the 19th century over a hundred years ago.”
  • Me: Thank you, Madame Redundancy.

Overall: I can’t recommend Ginnosuke’s sequel to anyone. There’s a kernel of a good plot and relationship evolution, but the execution left me incredibly frustrated.  If you really love the character, replay his main route and save yourself the grief.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

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