Speakeasy Tonight: Donovan POV and Julius POV Impressions and Review

If you’re looking for a review on Speakeasy Tonight’s main story routes, here you go.  This review assumes you have read Donovan’s and Julius’ main stories and makes no attempt to keep those stories unspoiled.

The release announcement for Donovan and Julius POV routes caught me by surprise. Has Voltage USA done POV routes before? The original Voltage brand’s POV routes usually leave me disappointed, and I was skeptical of these.

But they’re good. Really good. The advertising blurb mentions “finding out what he does when not with you,” and it delivers. New characters are introduced, more time is spent with secondary characters, and the background mystery plot from the main route is explored more fully. And, with the exception of the “surprised” face, the MC’s different sprites are lovely. The programming and editing are spot-on as well.

Donovan POV Route

Donovan comes across as the same grade-A jerk he seems in the main route – possibly worse. He’s not softened at all; he’s hard, bitter, manipulative, and focused on his goals at all times.

And that’s why I love this route. The writer doesn’t try to soften his character or give him some past tragedy he constantly revisits to make him more sympathetic. Donovan’s a rough character in a rough setting, and it feels much less like a fairy tale than some of the other routes.

Favorite Moments

  • “Most folk manage to do their jobs without bein’ pricks about it.” – Donovan

  • Liam looked like he wanted to say something, then scratched his head and changed the subject.

  • The package from Gerry to Donovan is priceless.

  • “Hell’s bells, she’s like a lamprey!” – Donovan

Julius POV Route

I enjoyed this route for the interactions with secondary characters like Connie, Larry, and Gerry, but it won’t change anyone’s perception of Julius. The relationship waffling on Julius’ part is just as present in this story as the main route. If that drove you up the wall in the original route, skip this one.

Favorite Moments

  • “Vincent Moretti, are you and I having a moment?” – Julius

  • “Add more emotion into it, will you? I don’t think the room is depressed enough.” – Neil

  • “I know, I know…you told me so. Why don’t y’all just form a nice line…” – Julius

I’m looking forward to Vince’s and Cliff’s POV stories. We get Neil’s after those, right?

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

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