Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Takeshi Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character and Takeshi pursue their post-high-school goals while trying to make a relationship work.


  • The flash-sequences are still as goofy and funny.

  • Ichigo has taken over Rihito’s job of being unimpressed by cutesy moments.

  • The MC looks at her interests and gifts and chooses a college path separate from Takeshi.

  • I still like both the MC and Takeshi for the most part.  The relationship also still feels like two teenagers figuring thing out, not like an overly grandiose drama.

  • The secondary female characters are people, not caricatures.

  • Both the regular and best ending are good, but I prefer the regular one.  It has more funny quotes, including my favorite of the game:
    • Takeshi: “We haven’t done anything yet.”
    • All: “What do you mean, ‘yet’!?”


  • The MC has a couple of “engage your brain” moments in service of the plot.

  • Absolutely everyone comments on Takeshi and the MC’s relationship.  Does no one in this town have anything better to do?

  • Oh good. Here’s *another* family member who won’t talk directly to Takeshi about how they feel.

  • The grandmother’s unresolved plot from the main route is not addressed. Maybe it will be picked up in the next release?

  • As in the main route, some of the word choice is off.

Overall: Recommended to those who enjoyed the original route; it feels like the same writer did both.

Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is available on iOS and Android.