Knight of My Heart: Henri Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character copes with new responsibilities and dangers after abruptly learning her royal lineage.


  • The MC has brains, initiative, and a sense of humor.
  • The setting is reinforced by word choice and syntax.
  • Editing is spot-on.
  • Henri’s personal story is the most interesting of the routes I tried.
  • Henri’s horse, Phillipe, is just as amusing in this route as Jacques’.
  • My two favorite secondary characters have a good ending.


  • As I’ve mentioned in other route reviews, the art style is painful, and the prologue is blah.
  • I *think* the game means “dressing gown” rather than “nightgown.” I can imagine hiding a picture in a robe pocket or tightening a robe – not so much a nightgown.
  • The MC can’t kiss Philippe when she’s told to reward her champion. I really wanted that option. XD
  • The MC goes from outrage and bitter disappointment to complete acceptance and reconciliation very quickly in a couple of scenes, almost like she could flip an emotional switch. I would have appreciated slower pacing.

Overall: Recommended; this is my favorite of the main routes so far. You can find my thoughts on Henri’s sequel and spin-off here.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Knight of My Heart is available on iOS and Android.