Our Two Bedroom Story General Impressions and Review

Once I came out of the Benadryl daze, I realized I had yet to give a general review and impressions for Our Two Bedroom Story before detailing individual routes. Oops. Here you go.

  • The MC’s career is interesting.
  • Each route has fewer chapters compared to older Voltage titles. That sounds like a negative, but I really appreciate it. The plots feel well-paced, and I was never bored by extra padding.
  • The setup feels forced and disposable: “Hello, my dear daughter, here’s the man you’ve never met that I’ve decided to marry. No, I won’t invite you to the wedding. Or visit you once you move out.” Thanks, Mom, I feel so loved.
  • I could justify the roommate idea for three of the step-brothers, but not with all of them. Living with Minato and Chiaki screams “BAD IDEA.” The MC is doing well at her firm; she should be able to afford her own place.

Now, for the individual routes:

Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.